Tidio It is an excellent tool to manage the communications of my clients with my business, since it allows me to install an additional plugin on my website to achieve a rapprochement with my clients through online chat, in addition to having the particularity of that allows to manage through its same interface the messages that are sent to me by any other means of instant messaging since it has integrations with them, so I can see all the messages from a single place, without having to change from application to application To be able to answer my messages, another very useful aspect is the fact that it allows me to schedule an opening hours, which allows my clients to know in what periods of time their requirements and requests will be attended, and in case they leave me any message outside the established hours I can answer it easily the next day once it is enabled, its interface is quite easy to handle and What I like the most is the fact that it allows me to keep track of the people who enter my online store which allows me to have a fairly clear idea of ​​how my website traffic is.

2. Collect Chat – Very easy to setup and use. Good template and intuitive flow of questions. Also one of the few chat-apps which allow you to receive messages through Whatspp, which is very popular in certain countries. The ability to receive message through Whatspp, alleviates a key issue, live chat. Whenever a customer wants to go live, you can just move him to Whatspp. Pricing is quite competitive if your responses are less per day.

TARS – Tars is a chatbot-making platform that helps save leads from Google Ads. With this, you serve potential customers an interactive experience with a conversational bot rather than static and unengaging landing pages. As a result, prospects are more likely to convert and you get a greater chance of increasing your profitability as well as gain ROI from your ad spend. Aside from bringing you leads, Tars can also qualify prospects. Your Tars chatbot can ask relevant questions that allow you to filter prospective clients. The process is quicker and more effective, as your audience get the experience that they are conversing with somebody instead of filling out boring forms.

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