Social Media Accounts


Full Setup of 25 Social Media Accounts for your business
Full Setup of 25 Social Media Accounts for your business


To create Social media account I want info like
  1. Email and password to make all accounts
  2. Your website URL
  3. Your Company logo
  4. Username name must be under 15 alphabet and unique .
  5. Your website short description must be under 160 alphabet.
  6. Your website long description must be under 500 alphabet.
  7. Your website phone, street, city, state, country, and zip code.
1:- If you have created some of the social media profile than let me know so that i can skip those and create others.
2:- If you have any special requirements that i should follow while making this account than let me know.
3:- Google property, Twitter, and Instagram will be not included in this service because all this 3 account need unique phone number to signup. if you want this than you have to send your number so that i can use that number while signup and you will receive OTP that you have to send me for this 3 account only.
4:- LinkedIn will be not included-


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